Maintain a Thriving, Gorgeous Yard

Rely on us for weed control in York, Shiloh, or York Haven, PA

Do you have weeds sprouting up all over your yard? Haring Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC can help. We'll assess your lawn and take care of any weed control services you need. We can get rid of the weeds that are there now and stop more from coming back.

You'll improve the appearance of your yard and stop weeds from suffocating your plants. Contact us today to learn more about the weed control services we provide throughout York Haven, Shiloh, and York, PA.

The grass is greener on our side

The grass is greener on our side

Want your grass to grow more consistently? With our fertilization services, you can make that happen. We'll come to your property and apply quality fertilizer to promote the growth of healthy, green grass. You can trust us to make your yard look absolutely beautiful.

Fertilization is important because it:

  • Keeps your grass from yellowing
  • Prevents any bald patches in your yard
  • Encourages healthy, even growth
Call now to request our fertilization services in York, Shiloh, or York Haven, PA.